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Earn Points on the things you buy! Redeem points for FREE stuff! Cards are FREE at any participating FastBreak location. Begin earning points immediately. It’s easy! Once you have your card, come back here and register your phone number so you can make your purchases without carrying your card! Plus, registering your cards earned you 100 BONUS POINTS! Cha-ching! Points are not redeemable for cash but they spend like cash at any participating location. Want to learn more? Here’s how it works.

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Take a few minutes on your next visit to hunt for the BOUNTY danglers on shelves and coolers throughout the store. You might just save over 50% or earn a bonus point jackpot on your new favorite products. Want to learn more? See how it works.


Bonus Clubs

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Addicted to Pepsi…or Biscuits & Gravy? Who isn’t? With your Payday Rewards card, you’re already included in the nations most addicting bonus clubs.

  • Buy 9 coffees… the 10th is FREE
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In response to the Coronavirus (COVID 19)

Classified as an essential business, FastBreak is focused on providing our products and fuel to our customers and our communities and doing so with as little change from our normal business as possible. Due to this we are striving to keep our locations open the times and hours you have come accustomed to. 
Making this commitment allows us to open up our ability to help some of our community members that are out of work at this time.
We currently have positions available for temporary/part time team members in our stores. Those that have been displaced from their current job due to recent events are encouraged to check out our locations page. If you are interested in applying send a resume to and indicate what locations you are interested in being a part of.
We are proud to serve each and every one of you, in all our communities and we appreciate your continued patronage.
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